We consistently organise inter-house dance, music, essay wriiting, drawing and painting competitions for students so that they get an opportunity to showcase their talent. We also organise educational quiz, fiesta and exhibitions for the students to display their work and praise them by inviting parents to these events.

Fruit chat-making competition

Students add flavors of fun with creativity in the fruit chat making competition, where a sprinkle of imagination meets a dash of healthy competition!

Houseboard Decoration

When artistry goes beyond the walls! Students transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary exhibits, reflecting the artistic spirit that defines our school.

Fly High With Creativity

From paper houses to kite making, we elevate imagination to new heights, teaching kids to dream big and soar even higher.

Rangoli Rendezvous

Our rangoli making competition is a canvas of colors, patterns, and cultural richness, where each design tells a unique story.

Paper plate palooza

Transforming standards into exceptional, our craft work with paper plate activity is a testament to resourcefulness and creativity.

Fantasy Unleashed

Step into the world of wonders with our fancy dress competition, where every costume becomes a portal to imagination and self-expression.

Waste to Wow

Our best out-of-waste activity turns plastic bottles into artistic treasures, teaching sustainability combined with innovation.

Krishna's Playground

Dive into the cultural merriment with our janmashtmi celebration ‚ÄĒ a zealous fusion of tradition, art, and festivities.

Yoga And Sports Day

Dive deep into tranquility with rejuvenating yoga sessions, then unleash your energy and passion on the sports ground. It’s a fusion of serenity and excitement, where every breath and every play counts.

Annual Function

The annual function of the school is the most important event of the academic year. Students participate with great enthusiasm and passion and showcase their talent.

Science Exhibition

Annually, our school hosts a Science Exhibition, showcasing a diverse array of innovative projects, experiments and inventions crafted by our students. One of the devices invented by our class 10 students earned national recognition, ranking among the top 20 from Rajasthan state. Parents are also cordially invited to embark on an inspiring journey into the realm of science and witness firsthand, the remarkable ingenuity of our future innovators.