6100 Sq. Yards Campus

We have 6100 sq. yards of sprawling, green, and eco-friendly campus with an expansive sports ground. The school building comprises of three blocks: Block-A, Block-B and Block-C. The campus is fully gated with 13 feet high walls to ensure the safety of the children and the staff alike. Smart classrooms, playgrounds, a library and laboratories are the most important aspects of the school’s infrastructure.

Sports Ground

Sports are vital for the overall development of a child. The school has 3 playgrounds to cater to the needs of the students according to their age group along with well-qualified, full-time physical education teachers to conduct and supervise the various sports activities. Sports Day is an annual occurrence, where students are encouraged to participate in various games and compete in an amicable and zealous environment with the essence of healthy competition and team spirit.


The campus is under 24-hour surveillance by cameras to ensure the safety of students and the security of the school. With fully gated premises and walls reaching up to 13 feet in height, access to the campus is strictly regulated, requiring prior approval and entry in the campus register. We closely monitor all activities to ensure the well-being of our students.

Physics Laboratory

Embark on a journey to explore the wonders of the universe through our Physics program at Y.I.S. Our comprehensive curriculum covers everything from the fundamental laws of motion to the intriguing mysteries of quantum mechanics, empowering students to unravel the complexities of the physical world

Chemistry Laboratory

At Y.I.S, our Chemistry curriculum ignites curiosity by delving into the fundamental principles of matter. Through hands-on experiments and engaging discussions, students explore concepts such as atoms, molecules and reactions. Our experienced faculty members employ innovative teaching methods to equip the students for success in higher education and beyond.

Biology Laboratory

At Y.I.S, our curriculum encompasses a comprehensive study from cellular biology to ecosystems, fostering an interdisciplinary approach. Students engage in hands-on laboratory experiments, field trips and research activities, cultivating an understanding and appreciation for the diversity and interconnectedness of life.

Conveyance Facility

Our school offers conveyance facilities as a prominent feature, ensuring a safe passage to and from the school for our students. The safety of our students is our top priority, and we uphold this commitment by providing well-maintained modes of transportation. Our buses adhere to standard design specifications and are operated by trained drivers who strictly follow traffic regulations.

Smart Classrooms

At Y.I.S, our classrooms are more than just spaces for learning—they’re vibrant hubs of exploration and discovery. In our pre-primary section, LED televisions add an extra layer of excitement to lessons, turning every day into a thrilling adventure for our little learners. With ample room to move and breathe in each 500-square-foot classroom, we create the perfect environment for curiosity to flourish and imaginations to soar.


Y.I.S has a well-stocked library with more than 7,000 books on various subjects including Science, English, Hindi, Mathematics, Political Science, General Knowledge, Environmental Studies, History, Geography, Novels – fiction and non fiction, Information Technology, Newspapers, Magazines and many more. 

Computer Laboratory

Our computer lab, equipped with top-notch computer systems and supported by skilled faculty, offers students an extensive experience in information technology.


Y.I.S provides a well-equipped canteen facility for its students, offering a convenient space for meals and socialising during breaks