At Yugantar International School, we understand the importance of laying a strong foundation for lifelong learning. Our pre-primary program is designed to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment where young learners can explore, play and discover the world around them. Through a blend of structured activities, creative play and hands-on learning experiences, we ensure that every child develops the skills that are essential for a successful transition to the primary school.


There’s a separate play area for younger children that caters to their requirements. The separate area ensures the safety of the children and helps the teachers to watch over them, which in turn avoids injuries and accidents. To avoid confusion among the students, the designated play areas have clear signs. The playground is full of articles that will bring joy to your child and enhance his/ her playtime experience at the school.


Throughout the year, we arrange various events, which help the little ones in the Pre-Primary section to gain valuable real-life experiences. They enjoy learning new things by participating in activities specially designed for them. Students are introduced to various projects every month, which include fun classroom activities, solving puzzles and riddles, field trips, and various other


Equipped with LCD Televisions, we provide students with Smart Classrooms that make learning a fun experience. The curriculum is designed to elevate the spirits of the children and prevent them from feeling burdened by studying at this delicate age.

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