Our Senior Secondary program is designed to provide students with the opportunities vital to pursue their academic interests and aspirations for higher education. With a wide range of elective subjects, advanced placement courses and personalised support, we empower students to tailor their education to suit their individual goals and interests. Whether preparing for university entrance exams or exploring other career pathways, our senior secondary program equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in their chosen field.


We primarily provide three major streams after Class 10. Students can choose between Science, Commerce and Humanities/Arts. All of these three streams can be generally categorized based on the core subjects and the career fields they will land you in. For instance, the science stream is usually related to medical, engineering, pharmacology, architecture and other such fields of study, while the Commerce stream relates to business, trade, commerce and financial sector while Humanities opens the doors to various other career opportunities, based on the chosen subject.


If you possess strong mathematical and analytical abilities, aspire to pursue a career in accounting, or have an interest in business, then opting for the Commerce stream after Class 10 would be an ideal choice. The core subjects in the commerce stream include Economics, Business Studies and Accountancy, with English being compulsory and the student must select one elective subject. Additional elective subjects may include Informatics Practices, Physical Education, Entrepreneurship etc.


The science stream is typically chosen by students aiming to pursue professional courses such as engineering, medicine or to prepare for competitive exams like NEET, JEE etc., after Class 12. Key subjects in the science stream include Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics. English, Physics, and Chemistry are compulsory, and students have the option to choose between Biology and Mathematics, or they can opt for both, with one subject being elective. Additionally, other elective subjects such as Informatics Practices, Physical Education etc., are also available. Due to the practical nature of the subjects, we provide well-equipped labs to facilitate the comprehensive and smooth learning experience.

Humanities STREAM

The Humanities stream is chosen by students who seek a comprehensive exploration of human culture and society. This diverse program offers a selection of elective subjects, enabling students to tailor their education to match their individual interests and career aspirations. From delving into the realms of history, literature, philosophy, and the arts, the Humanities stream paves the way for a multitude of career opportunities. By honing critical thinking, communication skills, and fostering a deep appreciation for the human experience, students are prepared to pursue fulfilling pathways in humanities, social sciences, law, journalism, and beyond. At Y.I.S, the Humanities stream empowers students to carve their own unique journey towards a successful and enriching future.

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