As students progress to secondary school, our focus shifts towards providing a meticulous academic program that challenges and inspires the students. Our secondary curriculum is designed to prepare students for the demands of higher education and the professional world. Through a combination of academic diligence, practical application and personalised support, we ensure that every student develops the cognition, knowledge, skills, and confidence required to succeed in an increasingly complex and competitive world.


We offer a wide array of indoor and outdoor games and activities at Y.I.S. We regard it as true that physical education is as vital as academic education. We believe that a healthy body is as essential as a healthy mind. We consider it crucial to pay special attention to the overall development of the child and work in the same direction.


Art, Music, Dance, and Drama are integral parts of the school curriculum. Along with learning the requisite skills, students are given projects to work on either individually or in group settings. They are also encouraged to create and exhibit their artwork and projects. Throughout the year, we display students’ work in the school and conduct exhibitions to which parents and guardians are invited. Participation in drama and theatre helps students develop skills such as characterisation, expression, concentration, articulation, oration, presentation, and interpersonal communication. All activities are conducted by qualified and professionally trained faculty members.


• High Academic Standards
• Activity Based Learning
• Smart Classrooms
• Community Projects
• Sports
• Well Equipped Library
• Science Labs
• Computer Lab
• Weekly Projector Classes

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